Application for Touchstream service

Please fill in this form to apply for the Touchstream service.

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Information about the responsible person

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Agreement to terms

The following terms apply to the Touchstream service:

  • The service may only be used to send mail to people that have explicitly requested mail from my organisation.
  • The service may not be used by any person or for the benefit of any organisation that has a history of sending spam, or is listed on the ISPA hall of shame or any other spam blacklist.
  • The service may only be used by a person born within the borders of the Republic of South Africa, who is also a citizen of the Republic of South Africa.
  • The service may not be used to promote seminars, short courses or any form of training.
  • The service will be suspended without notification if there is evidence that spam may have been sent.
  • The service must be used in full compliance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa AND with the Afrihost Acceptable Use Policy.
  • All requests for providing the source of an email address, whether in terms of the ECT act or otherwise, must be honoured with complete detail within one business day.
  • Access to the service may not be ceded to a third party.
  • The service may not be used to continue to send mail to addresses for which mail is not deliverable.
Information about your subscribers

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Information about your communications

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Subscription example

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